Security Inspection vs. Security Audit

There is no one “right” way to assess the effectiveness of OSH programs. Security audits look for hazards, risks, and other tactics that can prevent a company from operating securely. Meanwhile, security controls verify that programs and policies meet business objectives.

Security Inspection

Security Inspection looks for security threats and unsafe practices throughout the facility.

The inspection must:
Determines whether security is in place
Check if the device poses a risk
Takes air, water and other samples to test for hazardous substances
Monitor work practices to identify unsafe practices

Security clearance

A security audit evaluates an organization's security programs and practices.

Employers who carry out inspections must:
Measure and collect information about the reliability and effectiveness of your security program
Ensure that the security program meets stated business goals
Examine security training and response efforts
Similarities Between Safety Inspection and Safety Audit
There are several similarities between safety inspections and safety audits:
General Objectives: Both strive for a safer workplace that meets all regulations and standards.
Security Checklists: Both companies may use a security checklist that includes relevant OSHA standards, best practices, and other recommended precautions.
OSHA Requirements: OSHA does not require safety audits or inspections, but the agency considers them part of an effective safety plan.
Differences between a safety inspection and a safety audit
Despite the similarities, there are some key differences that distinguish security inspections from security audits.
Scope: Audit examines security programs and policies, while inspection examines current employee tactics and routines.

Responsible Persons: Safety inspections are usually performed by persons familiar with the workplace, while independent employees (external to the company or another department) should conduct the safety audit.

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