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Training Providers

Important Expert training providers, we provide Training for your future in this field.

Lifting Tackle Inspection, Basic Slinging inspections, and Basic Rigin Inspections.

We Will Teach you the basics of theses courses that will set you up for life in any of these fields. there has never been a better time to join the rigging industry.

Lifting Tackle Inspection (LTI) training courses

Doing our Lifting Tackle inspection is a perfect carreer choice. This is becaus it is a legal requirement for these inspections to take place. We will prepare you for inspecting all lifting equipment at the required legal levels. After being done with this course you will be able to demonstrate and explain exactly how to properly inspect and record your findings.

Basic Slinging and Inspection (BSI) one day training courses.

After doing this course you will be prepared to perform a visual inspection for any damage that may appear. you will also be able to implement your vast knowledge of safety precautions and minimize any injury that may occure due to necklegence.

Basic Rigging and Inspection (BRI) two day training courses.

This course is designed to provide any participants with the basic level of knowledge when it comes to rigging gear inspection, the correct rigging procedures that needs to be followed and load control of common and typical rigging techniques.

Chain Block and Lever Hoist (CBLH) inspection and safe use training courses.

In the wrong hands this can be an extremely dangerous tool but with our expertise in you will learn how to use the chain block and lever hoist as savely as possible. When working in this field it is simply just an essential skill to have.

Management and Technical Lifting Equipment presentations.

You will be able to show competence with your new set of presentation skills. You will be able to explain capacity utilization, Container Traffic, and much more.

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